The Organiser, December 29, 1996

Two things that the British did to India – apart from whatever good they may inadvertently have done to the country – that are unforgivable and deserve condemnation are this disruption of our agricultural economy and the downgrading of Sanskrit as a “dead language”. Both were done deliberately and with evil intent. The disruption of our agricultural economy turned India into a destitute nation; the downgrading of Sanskrit served to hoist a tremendous inferiority complex on the people. Fifty years after we attained Independence we are still struggling to regain our lost heritage.

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Times of India, Delhi, June 05, 1998
The BJP Budget Swadeshi Talk, Videshi Thought
by Sidhdharth Varadarajan

The secret is finally out. For all the BJP’s claims of being a party with a difference, a party rooted in Indian thought, the Vajpayee government’s first budget is as steeped in Anglo-American economic theory as the budgets of its Congress and UF predecessors. Critics have panned the budget for being “directionless”.

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The Mountain Path, December 1998, Vol. Nos. 34
by Prof. Leela Subramoni

This book under review is a scholarly exposition of the great tradition of annadana that was prevalent in ancient India – Bharat – under the benign rule of Sri Rama and later Yudhishthira. Far from being a restricted activity confined to the limited requirements of a particular community, annadana is revealed by the authors to occupy a central position in the social, political and religious life of the Indian people.

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Religious Studies Review, Volume 24 Number 3, July 1998
by John Grimes

An oft-quoted Sanskrit verse declares that “the gift of wisdom is the most superior of all gifts; the greatest empirical gift is food.”

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The Tribune, Chandigarh, April 13, 1997
Greed Eats Away Food Surplus
by Rajive Lochan

Annam Bahu Kurvita, thus enjoined the sages of yore. Grow more food, have more food, give more food. How this was done, is what way was foodgrains to be shared, what happened to those who did not share, all this and much more has been discussed in this book

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