M P Resource Atlas Programme:



MPCST is the nodal agency of the state of Madhya Pradesh for the analysis and application of remote sensing data. As such, the Council is the repository of detailed primary information and maps on the geography, topography, geology, geomorphology and soils, and of the derived maps on water prospects, land and soil irrigability and land capability of the state. The Council also has detailed landuse maps for several years.

Centre for Policy Studies is a research institution concerned with acquiring detailed micro-level understanding of the history, geography, demography and culture of all parts of India. They have compiled very detailed information on the polity of Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu in the late eighteenth century before the advent of British administration there. They have also compiled detailed demographic data for all districts of India in a long time-series spanning the whole of the census period beginning from 1881 up to 2001. And, they have published a book describing the geography, culture, sciences and technologies, economy and polity of India in a broad yet widely and easily accessible format.

M P District Resource Atlas Programme is an attempt to bring together the data resources of the MPCST and the established capabilities of the Centre for Policy Studies in compiling, analysing, processing and graphically presenting large amounts of information and data to create a resource atlas for every district of the state.

From the Foreword of DG, MPCST