Food For All

Sri Pejawara Adhokshaja Mathadhisha Sri Vishweshatirtha Swamiji of Udipi

It greatly pleases us to observe the efforts that the Centre for Policy Studies has been undertaking with the pious desire of seeing an abundance of food for all people of India. We recall the story of the great king Rantideva, who on seeing the people crying with hunger decides to undergo severe austerities over a long period with the resolve that he too shall not eat till any one of his people fails to get enough to eat. The story of king Rantideva illustrates the determination that prevailed in India in the earlier times in favour of ensuring an abundance of food for all.

We wish that with the efforts of the Centre to raise awareness of the people towards this essential discipline another era of abundance of food all around shall soon dawn in India. Such are our hopes and blessings.

Iti Saprema Narayana Smaranani

August 7, 1997