Contents- Science Sustainability and Indian National Resurgence


Editors' Introduction

Preface xix-xxxi

Science Religion and Spirituality
Science Spirituality and Devotion

Science and Value-based Living

Science Technology and Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable Consumption: Towards a Vision

Sustainable Consumption: Towards a Paradigm Shift

Sustainable Consumption and the Developing World

Asian Values Support Sustainable Consumption

Climate Change and Sustainability

Science and Welfare

Food Nutrition and Environmental Security

Science for the Welfare of All

Biotechnology in the Service of the Indian People

Plant Genome Research for Hunger-Free India

Excellence in Science for World Leadership

Science and Technology for World Leadership

We must Excel in the World

Science and Technology for a Resurgent India

Recapture the Quest

Swadeshi Science

Science for World Peace and International Cooperation

Cherish Science as a Rare Gift to Humanity

Science and Values

Quality and Values

Space Science for Peace

Space Science for Sustainable Development

Indo-US Cooperation for Social Good

Deepening Indo-Russian Collaboration

South-South Cooperation for Sustainability

List of Lectures Compiled in this Volume